Project Description

Pulp’s What Exactly Do You Do for an Encore? Tour 2023

Studio Flint and Intro made highly adaptive screen visuals in keeping with Pulp’s classic showmanship for the band’s latest tour.

This past spring, Pulp commissioned Studio Flint and Intro to produce video content to accompany their reunion tour, What Exactly Do You Do for an Encore? Frontman Jarvis Cocker, Creative Director Garth Jennings, Production and Lighting Designer Douglas Green, Production Consultant Rob Sinclair, Art Director Julian House, and Video Designer Leo Flint envisioned a show that would translate the band’s signature energy into a clear visual form.

They aimed for a show true to Cocker’s opening line: “This is a night you will remember for the rest of your life.” Cocker himself provided initial concepts, which Jennings wove into a vibrant and rich creative direction. Developed visually by Flint and House, Green combined all the elements and infused them with Pulp’s trademark vintage swagger, manually queuing every show element. As Flint recalls, “This is a band that play very much live!”

Flint and the Studio Flint team used Notch for generative content, its Background Removal feature, and more traditional video effects. They found the Background Remover especially useful, as it allowed them to showcase Cocker’s iconic dance moves in silhouette. The team also used Notch to create dynamic and responsive content unique to each performance. The Guardian called the Manchester show at the Castlefield Bowl “a triumphant, full-tilt return from Jarvis Cocker and co.”

“With Notch, we could isolate Jarvis live onstage simply with a long lens and some careful lighting without the need for a tracking system–even in particularly challenging live environments.”

Leo Flint, Video Designer, Studio Flint

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Client: Pulp
Creative Direction: Garth Jennings
Production & Lighting Design: Douglas Green
Art Direction: Julian House
Video Design: Leo Flint
Production Consultant: Rob Sinclair
Tour Management: Liam Rippon
Production Management: Joel Stanley
Stage Management: Phil ‘Tico’ Ryder
Video Director: Steve Price

Video Content: Studio Flint & Intro
Photography: Studio Flint, Kai Markuske, Amanda Rose, Roberto Ricciuti, & Pulp
Studio Flint Team
Associate Designer: Luke Davies
Animators: Amanda Tooke, Brad Purnell, & Jarek Radecki
Notch Animators: Kyle Reseigh & Charlie Smith
Video & Notch Programmer: Neil McDowell Smith