Project Description

PUR’s Persönlich Arena Tour

LUPIXX combined Notch with their vast experience in live and recorded video to enliven the work of PUR for their latest tour.

Over the past few months, LUPIXX worked with Lighting Designer and Creative Director Gunther Hecker on the latest arena tour for German pop-rockers PUR to support their new album, Persönlich. Because the band played in such huge spaces, the creative team emphasised live camera feeds to ensure a great viewing experience from any angle.

LUPIXX’s Saskia Olma and Vlad Befus worked with Video Operator Franz Schlechter to balance a clear image with effects-laden moments accentuated by two side screens and a circle in the middle of the stage’s backdrop. As the band have been around for nearly fifty years now, the team wanted to update their style with modern techniques rather than rely on simple nostalgia.

Before the show, they conducted several video shoots for the band, adding their chosen show effects to a combination of the shot footage and live video feeds, which the band themselves particularly admired. Instead of a traditional media server, the team opted to use Resolume. The show was well-received for its intergenerational appeal and was called “over two hours of pure excitement” by Bietigheimer Zeitung.

“The on-site flexibility we had made our creative decisions so easy and fun that it felt like working in a flow state.”

Saskia Olma, Notch Designer, LUPIXX

Additional press coverage:
Bietigheimer Zeitung, Report K.

Client: PUR
Creative Director & Lighting Designer: Gunther Hecker

Notch Designers: Saskia Olma & Vlad Befus (LUPIXX)
Video Operator: Franz Schlechter