Project Description

Remote Festival

Remote Festival live-streamed musical performances and art exhibitions from marvellous virtual environments created using Notch’s real-time chroma keyer.

Remote Festival is an ‘Extended reality music festival’ which live-streamed from the Mozaik Event Center in Zagreb, Croatia, in February 2021. The two-day festival featured eight bands with visible changeovers, 3D art exhibitions and live DJ sets.

Sven Grbec led the virtual set design, creating eight unique virtual worlds and a virtual exhibition space in Notch. Inspired by Katy Perry’s American Idol performance, Sven wanted to create unforgettable virtual environments for online streaming. Sven and his team modelled original assets in C4D and Blender, which were compiled and rendered in Notch. Streamed live from the Mozaik Centre’s green screen studio, the team composited performers into the virtual environment using Notch’s real-time chroma keyer. Camera tracking was done using the stYpe RedSpy tracking system with Notch rendering each camera. Virtual lights and scenography were controlled with the GrandMA2, which was connected to Notch via Artnet.

Faced with the challenges of working with up to seven performers and their instruments on a green screen stage, the team achieved the key they needed for truly transportational results. Over 2,000 people tuned in to the live-stream and engaged with performances in real-time.

“My colleague Viktor recommended Notch as a rendering program with everything you need for virtual production. After a few months of experimenting with Notch, I realized he was wrong. Notch has so much more to offer than virtual production features. The range of post-FX and the real-time chroma keyer is amazing. This toolset helped us create a distinctive streaming concept during these difficult times. Notch really has all that is needed for virtual production, and much much more.”

Sven Grbec, designer, Promo Logistika

Client: Elemental, 383records
Venue: Mozaik Event Center
Production Company: Promo Logistika
Creative Direction: Ante Zvonimir Stamać
Notch Designers: Viktor Krasnić, Sven Grbec

Video Director: Viktor Krasnić
Video content: Kristina Bengez
Lighting Designer: Sven Grbec
Lighting Operator: Dino Petrina
Virtual set design: Sven Grbec
Camera tracking: Stype RedSpy