Project Description

Re-TROS at Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre

Unreal Production enveloped audiences in 360 degrees of light and sound for Re-TROS’s recent Nanjing concert–Asia’s first of its kind.

This August, Re-TROS (short for Rebuilding the Right of Statues), the most iconic post-punk band in China, hosted their “After The Applause” concert in Nanjing, complete with immersive light, sound, and visuals provided by Shanghai-based Unreal ProductionL-Acoutics supported the show with their exclusive L-ISA surround sound system to create Asia’s first-ever 360-degree arena show.

Unreal Production wanted to create the most distinctive designs for this groundbreaking event, prioritising sophisticated audiovisual synchronisation before anything else. The creative team used Notch for time-coded tracks and real-time video effects. They also used Notch’s Virtual Background feature for black cutouts that featured prominently throughout the night.

The team combined light, smoke, particles, and collaged still and moving imagery to create a maximalist show. Nevertheless, in the production’s 360 degrees of coverage, the Unreal crew left plenty of space for the music. They used the disguise gx 2 as their media server and Resolume Arena to play Notch files in real time and ensure smooth playback. Their work culminated in a groundbreaking performance and a milestone experience for China’s live events industry.

“Notch has greatly assisted us throughout both the production and on-site testing stages. With Notch, we can export songs within half an hour, and its exceptional real-time rendering and smoke particle system are essential in our production process.”

张亮 Vic, Notch Designer, Unreal Production

Client: Re-TROS
Promoter: ModernSky
Production Company: UNREAL PRODUCTION
Production Design: UNREAL PRODUCTION
Creative Direction: 倪端 Dany

Notch Designer: 张亮 Vic
Video Director: 惠梓童 VJKate
Lighting Designer: 伞宝石
Screen Producer: 惠梓童 VJKate
Animators: 张亮 Vic, 惠梓童 VJKate, & 鱼汤 麒麟 Weston Wei