Project Description

Robbie Williams on Your Songs

LUPIXX used Notch to simplify the complex process of implementing visuals for broadcast in Robbie Williams’s performance on Your Songs.

Last year, MDR approached LUPIXX to create visuals for Robbie Williams’s performance alongside several other singer-songwriters for Your Songs, a programme on which musical acts perform their most well-known songs alongside a full orchestra in front of a live audience. The client requested a modern but unique style containing varying looks throughout the performance.

LUPIXX, led by Video Director Saskia Olma, used Cinema 4D to prepare models. They then designed and mixed the entire show from top to bottom in Notch. The final material was delivered with a Hippotizer Tierra+ MK2 media server, which allowed the LUPIXX team to keep things highly versatile.

As Notch Designer Vlad Befus has been using this workflow for four years now, he’s found its flexibility invaluable. In his own words, “you can change everything at any time. Life without waiting for a render to complete is amazing.”

The client was extremely satisfied with the setup’s reliability throughout Williams’s performance as well as those of other artists, and the creative team appreciated that they could simply focus on the music without having to constantly monitor bulky added media.

“Having used Notch for years now, I’ve really come to like watching my art change vastly in unexpected ways through simply adding or subtracting a node.”

Vlad Befus, Notch Designer, LUPIXX

Additional press coverage:
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Client: MDR
Production Company: LUPIXX

Video Director: Saskia Olma
Notch Designer: Vlad Befus