Project Description

Romeo Santos’s Fórmula, Vol. 3 Stadium World Tour

Comix took inspiration from Romeo Santos’s past work to create the Latin pop singer’s biggest tour yet in support of his latest album.

Earlier this year, Romeo Santos’s team, led by Creative Director Melody Tseng, approached Comix, hoping they could help create set extensions and abstract content heavily influenced by the bachata star’s iconic music videos. Santos’s team aimed for bold colours and clear and cohesive integration of IMAG treatments into and alongside the show’s visual elements.

Comix began with the vision to create supporting content that would elegantly add to the stage design without any superfluous clutter. As Comix Creative Director Josh Gallagher explains, their real goal was to find balance and leave space to bring the audience as close as possible to Santos.

To aid in their endeavour, the Comix team used Notch’s Background Removal and Face Tracker features to clarify Santos’s face. These features were beneficial in moments packed with particles, as the creative team could overlay their particles with a graded camera feed to make the singer fully recognisable throughout each night.

For the song “Perro,” the team also used Notch to place a greenscreen video of a lion alongside the live feed of Santos to make the two appear side-by-side. For “Noche De Sexo,” they added the artist to the surface of a concrete pillar surrounded by a wireframe cube on the centre LED screen. The artist’s team were pleased with every solution, and Santos’s unique energy tied it all together.

“Notch enabled us to make pre-rendered timecode videos and combine them with live camera feeds to give the illusion that the show was 100% real-time. Layering elements to interact in conjunction like this is really one of Notch’s strengths.”

Emil Bardh, Notch Designer, Comix

Additional press coverage:
Remezcla, Houston Press.

Client: Romeo Santos
Creative Director & Show Designer: Melody Tseng
Production Designer: Chris Nyfield
Comix Notch & Content Design: Executive Producer Harry Bird & Creative Director Josh Gallagher

Notch Designers: Emil Bardh & NAOWAO
Content Designers: Thomas Harrison, Sam Hodgkiss, & Sean Bowles
Additional Content: Blink
Lighting Design: Nick Whitehouse & Brian Vaughan
Touring LD: Jorge Caraballo