Project Description

RỒNG HỘI at Techcombank Tower, Hanoi

MxC Creative used the latest visual technology to put a modern spin on Vietnamese traditions for an installation celebrating thirty years of Techcombank.

In early 2024, Director Việt Tú asked The Visual 084 and MxC Creative to collaborate on an immersive project celebrating Vietnamese heritage. RỒNG HỘI, the Hanoi companion piece to an exhibition at Techcombank Tower in Ho Chi Minh City, combines three digital artworks: one inspired by the art of the dragon dance, one inspired by Hội’s flag, and one echoing Vietnam’s long-held emphasis on good energy.

For each exhibition, the creative team created unique LED installations covering the building’s facade and throughout its lobby. The team aimed to use these installations to interpret and reimagine traditional dances with 3D volumetric effects and data visualisation to create graphic experiences straddling the line between the past and present.

MxC Creative used Cinema 4D and its Ornatrix plugin for hair simulations and added further detail with Notch. In Notch, they also baked their Alembic and created a few more Mesh Deformer layers to make the dragon at the core of their visuals softer and more abstract.

The combination of C4D and Notch was particularly useful, and the team praised Notch for its timeline functionality, ability to span a wide range of LED screen resolutions, and high-quality rendering capabilities.

“Combining Cinema 4D and Notch was easily the best and most reasonable solution for a project this ambitious. We found the added detail achievable with Notch especially helpful.”

Cuong Nguyen, Notch Designer, MxC Creative

Client: Techcombank
Agency: Dream Studio
Director: Việt Tú

Creative Direction: The Visual 084
Creative Director: Tung Crazy Monkey
Art Director: Mel Tran (MxC)
Notch Designer: Cuong Nguyen (MxC)