Project Description

Schlagerbooom Open Air 2023

LUPIXX used augmented reality to bring the life of an outdoor party indoors during the Summer 2023 production of Schlagerbooom.

This summer, Jürgens TV asked LUPIXX to support two open-air television live events in Austria and Germany, hosted by German singer Florian Silbereisen, with carefully crafted augmented reality effects. The LUPIXX team aimed to smoothly blend reality and AR tracked to the show’s camera feed to enhance the at-home viewing experience.

LUPIXX began by intuitively previsualising the event’s material in Notch, sending ideas back and forth with the client and adjusting as necessary. With access to industry-standard stadium broadcast technology, the creative team mechanically tracked a Spidercam setup and MovieBird crane, using stYpe and TrackMen systems to ensure their effects were aligned with the live camera and ready for the truck to mix into the live show.

For full power over their Notch-driven graphics, The team used Hippotizer Tierra+ MK2s as their media servers and were left with a stable workflow free of any unwelcome surprises during the broadcast. The show featured many familiar faces within the schlager tradition, and even pop legend Anastacia made an appearance. According to MeinBezirk, it was the show’s most successful year since 2016.

“Notch allowed us to set up our AR effects in a way that was always instinctive and fun. It was easy to keep the audience guessing, with many even unaware the effects weren’t real. That was the biggest praise we could’ve received.”

Saskia Olma, Video Director, LUPIXX

Additional press coverage:
MeinBezirk, MDR.

Client: Jürgens TV
Executive Creative Director: Michael Jürgens 
Creative Direction: Ludwig Mond
Video Director: Saskia Olma

Notch Designer: Vlad Befus
Video Operator: Enrico Walther 

Tracking Tech: Hannes Kleinteich
Server Tech: Björn Hamann
Technical Support: Martin Fröhner