Project Description

Scorpions’ Rock Believer World Tour

Manipulating light and sound to paint a surging stage, ROOF Videodesign crafted a fresh, audio-reactive show for Scorpions’ latest tour.

About a year ago, Lighting Designer Manfred Nikitser contacted ROOF Videodesign with a request to develop real-time visuals in Notch for hard-rock idols Scorpions’ Rock Believer World Tour. Nikitser, who’s spent years touring with the band, knew exactly what they’d want.

The ROOF team wanted to pair pre-rendered material with audio-reactive experiments, so they began by honing their vision by getting to know the band’s performance style. They iterated several concepts for each instrument and decided, ultimately, to focus on the drums and guitar.

ROOF’s design team, led by Mikkel Garro Martinsen and Lorenzo Venturini, developed fire-based effects, colouring their screens with flames, sparks, and abstract, lightning-like flashes. They also singled out a few chosen frequencies of the guitar track to modulate with their desired parameters in real time.

The team maintained a consistent palette of electric blue with splashes of red, blended and dispersed by fog and other classic practical effects. The surging lights kept in step with the beat of the drum throughout the entire concert. The tour concluded in December 2022, but the band will take the show to South America and back to Europe this Spring.

“We were able to fully integrate our pre-rendered designs and live camera feeds. With this way of working, we could complete the full show about seventy or eighty per cent faster than in the past.”

Mikkel Garro Martinsen, Project Manager & Notch Designer, ROOF Videodesign

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Client: Scorpions
Show Designer: Manfred Nikitser
Lighting Designer: Manfred Nikitser
Video: Pacific Digital

Notch Effects & Direction: ROOF Videodesign
Notch Designers: Lorenzo Venturini & Mikkel Garro Martinsen
Tour Director: Olaf Schroter