Project Description

SốngPlatform Digital Art Museum

MxC worked with The Visual 084 to develop a brilliant inaugural exhibition at SốngPlatform, Vietnam’s first-ever digital art museum.

Proudly situated in the heart of Huế, an ancient capital of culture, history, and art, SốngPlatform is the first digital art museum in Vietnam, created by Vietnamese artists and dedicated to the Vietnamese people. The curators behind the project wanted to create a space where artworks never exist in isolation but, rather, connect seamlessly with other pieces to form a spiritual throughline.

MxC presented three pieces for the space’s soft and grand openings. For the first, MỌI MIỀN TIỀM THỨC, Creative Director Cuong Nguyen used a 360 camera to record scenes of daily life—tombs, bustling markets, narrow alleyways, and street vendors—converted their footage to 3D, used Notch to add particle systems complete with point cloud effects, and transitioned smoothly between images, guiding visitors through flashes of the artist’s memory.

For the second piece, PHẢN CHIẾU, the creative team drew inspiration from the ethereal beauty of Lang Co Bay, where the boundary between the sky and the water becomes blurred at twilight. MxC translated the Lang Co experience inland to the city, using Notch for projections and TouchDesigner for interaction on floors and walls.

In the third piece, ẨM THỰC TRỪU TƯỢNG, Nguyen simulated cloth in Cinema 4D and used Notch for compositing and rendering to cook up sequences inspired by the city’s rich culinary heritage. Sugar-coated tapioca pearls in coconut milk transformed magically into intricate patterns through the hole of a large straw representing the long-enduring timelessness of cuisine and the potency of personal experiences and memories food brings.

“Throughout the use of various tools for this project, Notch stood out as the singular resource consistently offering solutions to a diverse set of challenges, every single time.”

Cuong Nguyen, Creative Director, MxC

Additional press coverage:
VnExpress, Crazy Monkey.

Client: SốngPlatform
Curator: Tung Crazy Monkey
Production Company: The Visual 084 
Production Design: MxC Creative Studio

Creative Direction: Cuong Nguyen
Art Director: Mel Tran
Notch Designer: Cuong Nguyen
Media Support: Thang Quang Le