Project Description

SpaceSpeakers’ KOSMIK 11th Anniversary Live Concert

The Visual 084, MxC Creative Studio, and CaBe Studio teamed up to deliver a groundbreaking show for hip-hop legends SpaceSpeakers.

On November 12, 2022, Vietnamese hip-hop empire SpaceSpeakers hosted their KOSMIK Live Concert at Military Zone 7 Indoor Sports Complex in Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate their eleven artists’ eleven years together. It was the first time in over a decade that all eleven artists came together on a single stage.

The creative team divided the concert into three chapters, each representing the past, present, and future. The Visual 084 collaborated with MxC Creative Studio and CaBe Studio to arrive at a uniquely immersive and meticulously staged experience. It was also the debut of a new immersive role-playing stage created and managed by General Director Viet Tu.

The stage featured two LED screens with the same visuals and one floor for projection mapping. To keep the audience engaged, the team combined live camera effects with layered backgrounds. They used Cinema 4D, Blender, and After Effects to create the base of their content and used Notch for its Virtual Background feature, Particles, Cloners, and post-processing. They solidified their vision over three days of tests and changes in rehearsals.

The show was a breakthrough in concert innovation with lighting and sound systems never before used in Vietnam. As MxC’s Mel Tran described, the audience could experience the artists’ most authentic emotions firsthand because of the team’s technological advancements.

“Though we’ve tried other tools for live camera effects, Notch is by far the easiest way to develop unique and diverse looks.”

Cuong Nguyen, Visual Artist & Notch Designer, MxC Creative Studio

Additional press coverage:
Kenh14, BTN.


This is a project of Tung Monkey’s The Visual 084 in collaboration with MxC and CaBe Studio.

The Visual 084 is an independent collective of visual creators, visual artists, and studios focused on visual stage performances and VJing.

“In Eyes We Trust”

Client: SpaceSpeakers
Visual Creative Director: Tung Monkey

Live VJing Lead: Tung Monkey
Live VJing: LongX, Le-Bac-Tan, Danny Dang, & Vien Kyunri
Real-time VFX Lead: Cuong Nguyen Glit-C
Real-time VFX: Tung Monkey & Phuong Nguyen
3D Content: Vien Kyunri, LongX, & Le-Bac-Tan
Team Coordinators: Tu Anh Tran Dieu, Cherry Khanh, & Mel Tran
Media Support: Lavie Hoang & Finn Studio
In collaboration with MxC & CaBe Studio