Project Description

Tate McRae at Made in America Festival 2022 delivered an electrified haze of scenery and video for Tate McRae’s mainstage set at Made in America 2022.

After being asked to create something fresh for Tate McRae’s Made in America Festival performance, began work with Lighting Designer Lenny Sasso of SONUS Productions. The team went song by song, developing moods and colour schemes for each one and a long-form vision for the entire set to tie it all together. Upon solidifying a plan, they were given creative freedom to trust their instincts.

Most of the material comprised scenic backdrops, so they used Notch to provide more video-centric moments of the show in which they’d incorporate powerful visual effects into the onscreen image. They primarily used big heatmap and gradient looks with strokes of heavy distortion, blur, and feedback. ran Notch in standalone mode on their custom SVX servers, sending it via SPOUT to Resolume. Their node setup was simple but effective: they brought in video via video nulls, applied thresholds to those nodes to cut out specific brightness ranges, and recoloured those thresholds to create their looks with effects added to taste. McRae, who provided creative direction and collaborated closely throughout the process, loved the final product.

“We were able to tweak the looks on-site just hours before the show, allowing us to really dial in every element and make the most of the time we had. We were very happy with Notch’s performance, especially in terms of latency.”

Drew Mercadante, Creative Director & Notch Designer,

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Client: Tate McRae
Creative Direction: Tate McRae &
Notch Designer: Drew Mercadante

Video Producers: Drew Mercadante & Matt Keppler
Lighting Designer: Lenny Sasso
Animators: Drew Mercadante, Matt Keppler, Grant Bouvier, & Haleigh Keen