Project Description

The Marías at the Greek Theatre 2022

For The Marías’ tour finale, FRAMEWORX produced warm, cinematic designs for the band’s most successful homecoming concert to date.

For their hometown show at Los Angeles’s Greek Theatre in October 2022, The Marías set out to add significant video production and programming to their overall design. The group’s artistic team and Production Deisgner Jay Lukeh of MJL Visions reached out to FRAMEWORX to provide animations and Notch material for specific songs in line with their ideas.

For art direction, the team told FRAMEWORX to aim for something that would match The Marías’ warm, filmic look to fit the aesthetic the band has further honed in their latest album, Cinema. To add to the theatrical throughline, FRAMEWORX included additional frames featuring uniquely shaped masks on the main LED wall.

FRAMEWORX used Notch to create the visuals, which were run on a dedicated computer and fed into Resolume serving as the media server. The show sold out, and the final product was a hit with band members, crew, and the audience, leading to rave reviews from those in attendance.

“With its unique and nuanced grain and filtering, Notch gave our image a lot more taste value than we could have accomplished in any other software.”

Amish Dani, Executive Producer, FRAMEWORX

Additional press coverage:
Fatty Strap, Los Angeles Magazine.

Client: The Marías
Content Creation & Production: FRAMEWORX
Production Design: MJL Visions
Production Manager: Nate Rebolledo
Creative Directors: Bethany Vargas, María Zardoya, & Josh Conway
Notch Designer: Tanner Thompson

Video Director: Bethany Vargas
Executive Producer:
Amish Dani
Lighting Designer: Jaycob Luque
Lighting Director: Natallie Ciraulo
Screen Producer: Bora Yungmin
Animators: Randy Cano, Simen Gulergun, & Kesiah Manival
Footage: The Marías