Project Description

The Source at AYA Universe Dubai

Emmett Feldman teamed up with HyperSpace to update The Source at AYA Universe, an ecologically-centred immersive experience in Wafi City, Dubai.

HyperSpace approached Designer and Director Emmett Feldman to help redesign The Source, one of the many rooms comprising the AYA Universe experience, a cosmic sanctuary containing different interactive worlds in Dubai.

CCO Rama Allen and COO Desi Gonzalez asked Feldman to elevate The Source to be a vibrant, mystical garden infused with the kind of wonder and beauty that would act as a meditative escape, beginning with a multitude of bioluminescent flora and fauna.

Technical Director Jim Ellis began by creating a camera rig within Notch that mapped the room and allowed the team to work within one cohesive space, ensuring the design would flourish even within a complicated physical setup.

Feldman mainly used Notch to create flowers and creatures controlled by multiple cloner and particle setups. He designed and animated all of the creatures entirely in Notch with the added help of deformers and 3D shapes to make them as expressive as possible. He also used Cinema 4D for additional Alembic flower animations.

“I feel like I’m creating a living, breathing graphic world when I use Notch. I can stay in the creative flow, sculpting with time and motion and seeing the work constantly evolve and bloom. It’s such a pleasure.”

Emmett Feldman, Designer/Director

Additional press coverage:
ZAWYA, Fact Magazines, The National.

Client: HyperSpace
CCO: Rama Allen
COO: Desi Gonzalez

Designer/Director: Emmett Feldman
Technical Director: Jim Ellis
Global Creative Director: Sally Reynolds