Project Description

Vasco Rossi’s Stadium Tour

Some of Italy’s best studios, designers, and technicians impressed and immersed attendees of resident pop-rock poet Vasco Rossi’s latest stadium tour.

Vasco Rossi’s official director, Pepsy Romanoff of Except, developed a plan for the artist’s latest tour with Milan’s Chunk Studio and Notch Designer Lorenzo Venturini. The director, motion designers, and technicians involved worked closely to create a unique and engaging experience for an audience with high expectations.

Incorporating onstage art alongside their visuals, the team wanted to be sure the artist at the centre of it all would remain the audience’s primary focus for the duration of the show. Venturini and Fabio Pini heavily explored Notch to create unusual and surprising effects, blending and abstracting organic and synthetic looks.

The production relied heavily on the Notch Virtual Background feature to perfectly integrate the artist, lights, and other elements into the onscreen graphics. The technical team used five gx 2c media servers, which ensured synchronisation of the visuals with the performance and stability of the system throughout the event.

Despite the challenges inherent in working with such a large canvas, the creative team managed to captivate audiences who had never seen their national idol in a show like this. As a victory lap for a beloved legend, the tour proved to be one of Italy’s largest and most significant shows to date.

“The large pixel map of these screens and high demand for resources really put us to the test. But Notch helped us overcome these obstacles with its ability to adapt to changes while keeping things sophisticated.”

Lorenzo Venturini, Notch Designer

Additional press coverage:
Rolling Stone, Repubblica.

Clients: Live Nation Italia & Vasco Rossi
Production Company: Except
Direction & Visual Concept: Pepsy Romanoff
Live Director of Photography: Lele Cerri
Motion Design & Art Direction: Chunk Studio Milano, Fabio Pini, Enrico Amato, & Adamo Cameli

Notch Designers: Lorenzo Venturini & Fabio Pini
disguise Operators: Marco Piva & Nicholas di Fonzo
Lighting Designer: Giovanni Pinna
Van & Camera Service: EMG Italy
Service: Event Management