Project Description

WNDR Museum 360 Immersive Environments

EFFIXX Studio added a vibrant splash of colour and space in direct response to their previous work for WNDR Museum’s newest venue.

Earlier this year, WNDR Museum asked EFFIXX Studio to install an audiovisual project called GOD:TEMPO at their new immersive theatre in San Diego. It’s a moody and contemplative piece that takes the viewer through four chapters over twenty minutes. Now, the creative team at WNDR asked EFFIXX to develop a series of colourful, lighthearted interstitials as an aesthetic contrast to the GOD:TEMPO experience.

While onsite at the venue, Creative Director Anthony Ciannamea used his spare time to test Notch looks and started playing around with the canvas–purely for fun. He experimented with highly energetic looks he usually wouldn’t incorporate into his artwork, and they felt perfectly natural in that particular room.

With their vision of a counterweight to the heaviness of GOD:TEMPO solidified, Ciannamea took his sketches back to the studio and started refining the visuals and composing the sound design with Notch and Ableton synchronised. As he’d done so many times before, he created markers on the Notch timeline and OSC triggers in Ableton’s Session View, which helped him jump around the scene while maintaining audiovisual synchronisation.

The WNDR team were excited to have several new ideas completed for their new programme and even more thrilled to see them realised so quickly. Since the installation’s debut, audiences have taken to social media to reach out to Ciannamea directly and post publicly about the room, which acts as a meditative buffer between other exhibitions and a sanctuary for people looking to unwind.

“The very seed of this opportunity would not have been possible with any other tool I’m familiar with. In my experience, Notch wins hands down at capturing rapid ideation on location with the best post-processing effects for artists coming from a motion design background.”

Anthony Ciannamea, Creative Director & Notch Designer, EFFIXX Studio

Additional press coverage:
The San Diego Union-Tribune, The UCSD Guardian.

Client: WNDR Museum (San Diego / Seattle / Chicago)
Production Company: EFFIXX Studio

Creative Direction: Anthony Ciannamea & David Allen
Notch Designer: Anthony Ciannamea
Photography: David Allen