This is Notch

Real-time graphics tool for 3D and VFX.

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This is Notch

Real-time graphics tool for 3D and VFX.

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By artists,
for artists

Notch lets you create stunning graphics right away while offering flexibility and depth for seasoned artists.

All The Tools You Need

3D & animation

Everything in Notch lives in 3D space, and you can animate everything by hand or use the built-in algorithmic animation tools.

Particles & simulations

No plugins required! The advanced, real-time particle engine lets you simulate anything from liquids to physics.

Lighting & rendering

Physically accurate lighting and rendering with an advanced, interactive path tracing engine that supports multiple materials.

Video & post-FX

Broadcast quality colour management, LUT support and built-in post-processing effects to make your projects shine.

Node-based, naturally

The node-based interface strikes a perfect balance between power and accessibility, letting you create stunning graphics without code or clutter.

Everything on the timeline

Extensive timeline control allows you to use multiple layers and composite real-time interactive animation clips as easily as if they were static videos.

What you see is what you get

Real-time control of all properties

Almost anything in Notch can be animated, and you can change settings in real-time – or automate them
if you wish!

Fully-fledged curve editor

For extra-precise control of your animation or parameter adjustments, use the built-in curve editor.

See your changes as you create

No other 3D package offers such immediate results: see exactly what you’re doing, and make changes
in real-time.

Everything in one package

Procedurally generate 3D and materials, or bring in your own. Everything lives in the same
node graph.

Notch is
and proven.

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Create magic
in real time

Any change you make is instantly visible as you work, whether you’re animating, rendering, editing, or just experimenting!

One workflow, many possibilities

Notch remains the same whether your goal is physically correct, path traced video renders or real-time interactive projects.

Everything comes together

Notch integrates with industry-standard packages and formats to fit your existing workflow.

creative freedom

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Notch is trusted by


The Projected Desert

Cocolab uses projection mapping and Notch to immerse the public in the worlds of ten
renowned artists.

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Coldplay Promos
Northhouse Creative

NorthHouse Creative utilise Notch’s particle systems and pre-visualisation capabilities to deliver a series of promo performances for Coldplay.

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