Interactive particle systems and AR at the EE BAFTA’s

EE BAFTAS with Liam Payne An unforgettable EE BAFTA opening performance sees Liam Payne performing in a world of particles with a holographic avatar of himself. NorthHouse and Black Skull Creative threw away the rulebook for the EE BAFTA's 2021 opening performance. Their contemporary design featured an

Art and technology unite for Criolo’s epic XR performance on Twitch

‘Criolo XR’ Live Stream on Twitch Criolo XR combines Notch + Unreal for the first-ever extended reality show held in Brazil. Streamed live from Boop Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, Criolo XR united art and technology for an epic performance hosted by Twitch. The concert featured various

Next level XR for Bryson Tiller’s live stream concert

Bryson Tiller's TrapSoul World Series concert Xite Labs blur the boundaries of reality for Bryson Tiller's live stream concert on Momenthouse. Xitelabs delivered a reliable and fast virtual production workflow for Bryson Tiller's live stream concert on Momenthouse. Each of the performance spaces contained dynamic and musically

Real-time chroma keying at Remote Festival

Remote Festival Remote Festival live-streamed musical performances and art exhibitions from marvellous virtual environments created using Notch's real-time chroma keyer. Remote Festival is an ‘Extended reality music festival’ which live-streamed from the Mozaik Event Center in Zagreb, Croatia, in February 2021. The two-day festival featured eight bands

Billie Eilish: Where Do We go? The Livestream

Billie Eilish: Where Do We go? The Livestream  Moment Factory and XR Studios use virtual production techniques in Notch to innovate the live-stream experience for Billie Eilish’s ‘Where do we go?’ virtual concert. Moment Factory’s collaborative relationship with music artist Billie Eilish continues with WHERE DO WE

Ellie Goulding: New Heights and Brightest Blue

Ellie Goulding: New Heights and Brightest Blue Pulse Films and Nocte Studio create a sublime real-time virtual set for Ellie Goulding’s performance of ‘Brightest Blue’ and ‘New Heights’. To launch her new album ‘Brightest Blue’, Ellie Goulding performed ‘Brightest Blue’ and ‘New Heights’ to an online audience

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