The Jonas Brothers’ Five Albums. One Night. World Tour

The Jonas Brothers’ Five Albums. One Night. World Tour Hidden Road Studios used Notch to retain full flexibility throughout the Jonas Brothers’ marathon tour spanning five albums and five continents. Last year, Silent House Group's Alex Reardon asked Hidden Road Studios to create all the video content

Passion 2024

Passion 2024 Cour Design made a monumental set of video designs to fill Mercedes-Benz Stadium at the 2024 edition of Passion in Atlanta. Leading up to this year’s edition of Passion, held at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, conference Content Director Emile Frederick approached Cour Design in search of


Paramnésico Desilence brought audiences across two continents into the world of their dreams in an installation on the unreliability of memory. Over the past few months, Desilence have presented their new installation, Paramnésico, whose title they derived from paramnesia, a term used in psychology to describe a

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