ILUMA at the National Museum of History, Sofia

ILUMA at the National Museum of History, Sofia Studio Phormatik immersed visitors in vibrant digital installations throughout Bulgaria’s National Museum of History, adding new dimensions to the space. Recently, DNA Creative Agency asked Studio Phormatik to temporarily transform the National Museum of History in Sofia, Bulgaria into

AURA Invalides

AURA Invalides Moment Factory used the magic of modern technology to enhance the experience at one of France’s most famous national institutions. In September 2023, Moment Factory unveiled AURA Invalides, an immersive experience in one of Paris's most iconic monuments, the national cathedral of the French military known as


Paramnésico Desilence brought audiences across two continents into the world of their dreams in an installation on the unreliability of memory. Over the past few months, Desilence have presented their new installation, Paramnésico, whose title they derived from paramnesia, a term used in psychology to describe a

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