Informational AR and on-brand virtual sets for Walmart

Walmart's 2021 Investor Community Meeting Xite Labs designs on-brand virtual sets in Notch for Walmart's first-quarter meetings. Walmart innovated their first quarter meetings with two distinct virtual designs by Xite Labs. Xite Labs presented their XR concept to LEO events and Walmart using one of the Notch

Dance and real-time visuals interact in STATE:LUCID’s dream machine.

STATE: LUCID STATE: LUCID combines media installation and performance using Notch to create an immersive theatre experience. STATE: LUCID is an installation project created by designer and director Robi Voigt in collaboration with the University of the Arts Zurich. The research project, centred around the dramaturgy of

Next level XR for Bryson Tiller’s live stream concert

Bryson Tiller's TrapSoul World Series concert Xite Labs blur the boundaries of reality for Bryson Tiller's live stream concert on Momenthouse. Xitelabs delivered a reliable and fast virtual production workflow for Bryson Tiller's live stream concert on Momenthouse. Each of the performance spaces contained dynamic and musically

Intricate particle systems projection-mapped to perfection.

UAE 49th National Day Luke Halls Studio designed intricate particle systems projection-mapped to perfection on Es Devlin's monument for the UAE's 49th National Day celebration. To celebrate the annual UAE National day, Es Devlin and Luke Halls Studio created a monument to the UAE's past accomplishments and

Real-time chroma keying at Remote Festival

Remote Festival Remote Festival live-streamed musical performances and art exhibitions from marvellous virtual environments created using Notch's real-time chroma keyer. Remote Festival is an ‘Extended reality music festival’ which live-streamed from the Mozaik Event Center in Zagreb, Croatia, in February 2021. The two-day festival featured eight bands

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