The Giants

The Giants Alex Le Guillou brought his vast experience researching ecosystems to a silver-screen profile of a legend of environmental activism. Toward the end of 2021, Director Laurence Billiet (General Strike) asked Visual Artist Alex Le Guillou to collaborate on her new documentary, The Giants, which explores

Maria rêve

Maria rêve AC3 Studio used Notch to add depth and emotion to the vibrant work of Quad Film on their latest feature, Maria rêve. Last year, production company Quad Film approached AC3 Studio about their upcoming project--a feature film starring Karine Viard and Gregory Gadebois called Maria

Icelandic Idol

Icelandic Idol Notch Designer Ingi Bekk immersed himself in Notch’s nodegraph to craft refreshingly experimental looks for Iceland’s latest season of Idol. When Iceland’s Stöð 2 approached Video Designer Ingi Bekk about creating a show for this year’s Idol, Bekk saw it as the perfect opportunity to

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