Projection mapped XR for Facebook’s Rival Speak

Rival Speak CREATE TH!S utilize Notch and projection mapping to create a dynamic virtual hosting environment. Rival Speak is the weekly wrap up show based on the Facebook game show Rival Peak, the world's first audience-influenced AI interactive experience. Facebook approached LA-based creative production studio CREATE TH!S

A streamlined creative process for product launches

McLaren Artura Launch McLaren introduced their new hybrid supercar and unveiled the McLaren Technology Centre with a striking launch film featuring Daniel Ricardo. Bild delivered the technical planning and onsite execution, working alongside creative director Ben Kreukniet, Notch designer Lewis Kyle White and advertising agency Media Monks.

Interactive particle systems and AR at the EE BAFTA’s

EE BAFTAS with Liam Payne An unforgettable EE BAFTA opening performance sees Liam Payne performing in a world of particles with a holographic avatar of himself. NorthHouse and Black Skull Creative threw away the rulebook for the EE BAFTA's 2021 opening performance. Their contemporary design featured an

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