Project Description

UAE Pro League ADIB Cup 2023 Opening Ceremony

INFRAMES produced large-scale 360 video focused on sustainability for the opening ceremony of the UAE Pro League’s ADIB Cup Final.

For this year’s ADIB Cup Final, INFRAMES were given the unique request to fill the floor of the opening ceremony with the most attractive content possible. After the creative team quickly found that it wasn’t technically possible to project on the floor of the field, they decided to opt for full-sphere projection to allow the audience to see the show up close.

Working alongside No1 Events Creative Director Hassan Abdulhamid, the INFRAMES team, led by Creative Content Producer Haitham Taha, made 360-degree screen content consisting of abstract and dynamic visuals communicating our planet’s place within our galaxy’s wonders and the importance of sustainability.

The team began by simulating all the animation over virtual spheres. They used the same simulation source animation to render video straight out of Notch in NotchLC, which was then fed to the disguise media server. As Taha recalls, despite rendering video at an impressive 8K resolution, it only took four minutes to export out of Notch. The final result exceeded the client’s expectations and primed the audience for a tight match in which Sharjah defeated Al Ain 2-1.

“None of our content could have worked without the help of Notch’s exceptional cameras, which allowed us to export seamlessly in full 360.”

Haitham Taha, Creative Content Producer, INFRAMES

Additional press coverage:
Gulf News, UAE Pro League.

Client: UAE Pro League
Production Company: No1 Events
Creative Director: Hassan Abdulhamid
Creative Content Producer: Haitham Taha

Notch Production: INFRAMES
Lighting Designer: Anthony Januszewski
Audio Engineer: Martin Chiervo
Technical Manager: Mirco Resta