Project Description

‘Criolo XR’ Live Stream on Twitch

Criolo XR combines Notch + Unreal for the first-ever extended reality show held in Brazil.

Streamed live from Boop Studios in São Paulo, Brazil, Criolo XR united art and technology for an epic performance hosted by Twitch. The concert featured various virtual production elements, including face tracking, performance capture, an entirely virtual set, AR elements, and live IMAG effects. The concept was pitched to Criolo and Twitch by long term collaborator and music video director Cisma and live show director Tito Sabatini.

The team created different looks for a collection of ten songs using a combination of Unreal and Notch. Tito and Cisma landed on Notch for abstract motion graphic looks and Unreal for realistic foliage. Despite shooting on a small LED stage, the team created the illusion of endless space using set extensions and a wide-angle PTZ camera. Their workflow was a combination of Notch + Unreal + Mosys + PTZ cameras, all running from a disguise media server and streaming in real-time to Twitch.

Part of the performance included a live Q&A session, which Criolo attended as an avatar of himself. During the Q&A, the at-home audience hailed the stream as a public service for its creativity and ingenuity.

“Notch is insanely fast and intuitive. Our designer, Fernando, was studying for some time but this was his first REAL project using Notch. It was amazing to see him create in real-time and see the visuals come alive. Its integration with disguise is awesome and last-minute changes can be done without stress. We can’t wait for the next project.”

Tito Sabatini, director,


Client: Criolo
Production Company: Duo2 + Oloko Records
Creative Direction: Denis Cisma + Tito Sabatini
Notch Designer: Fernando Snake
Design: Danilo Packer
Video Director: Denis Cisma + Tito Sabatini
Musical Director: Daniel Ganjaman
Technical Director: Paul Lewis

Rental Company: Maxi Online
Lighting Designer: Marcos Franja
Screen Producer: Gabriel Weckmuller
Assistant Director: Tata Pierry
Production: Kler Correa + Marieta Scatimburgo
Streaming: Renato Braga + Bruno Toniolo