Project Description

“Notch allows us to create incredible art in no time.”

SUBMERGE was a month-long installation which celebrated the Pantone colour of the year – Classic Blue. This carefully considered design combines 360-degree projection and interactive screens for an unforgettable immersive experience. Curated and produced by ARTECHOUSE in collaboration with INTUS Interactive Design, this exhibit is a class in successful immersive design. Media artist, Gilberto Castro shares his design story:


Gilberto Castro, Co-founder and director, INTUS Interactive Design

“INTUS have produced over 250 successful interactive projects in the arts, commercial and theatrical world. Our studio breathes life into immersive experiences. We love providing our clients with projects that are both artistic and on the cutting edge of technology.”


“This brief sprung from a one-day private event at Artechouse New York. Hosted by Pantone, the December event marked the unveiling of the Pantone colour of 2020: Classic Blue. Notch played a huge part in rendering bespoke content for the party. The team at Pantone loved the designs we created, and together with Artechouse, suggested that we run a month-long installation for the general public.”

“Our vision was to create an immersive multimedia experience that communicates calm, confidence, and connection. Ultimately, our goal was to create a memorable experience which would resonate with the general public. We wanted to let the colour to speak for itself. We were extremely grateful for brief as it has allowed us to dive deep into colour theory, and the history of this shade of blue.”


“Our workflow relies heavily on process to ensure that productions run smoothly. We always begin production with storyboarding and creative research. Next, we evaluate the technical challenges of the production. There are many opportunities for something to go wrong in installation design. We always have measures in place to ensure any problems can be prevented or easily resolved. Once we’ve established these measures, it’s all-out creativity.”

“We wanted the public to find a state of calm while immersed in the soothing tones of Classic Blue. We decided to tell a story in nine chapters, all of which symbolised the colour. Many of the looks were inspired by nature which we felt communicated a sense of growth and movement. In total, the content would run for 25 minutes on a Touch Designer server and continuously loop throughout the day. We worked with an electronic music composer to create an original soundscape for the experience.”


Immersive 360-degree Projection


Interactive Screens

“Notch allows us to create incredible art in no time. The resolution for a project like SUBMERGE is gigantic. We’ve run tests and the rendering times of other software packages were substantially longer. There’s no comparison. Notch enables us to consistently deliver amazing, high-resolution graphics in no time at all.”

“The result was spectacular. It was fantastic to see the public interact with our artworks. We witnessed people experiencing SUBMERGE in many different ways: dancing, meditating, doing yoga. We’ve had great feedback on the interactive screens and the immersive exhibition. ARTECHOUSE New York is a state of the art venue, it’s one of the most innovative spaces in the world for art and technology and we’ve loved collaborating with them on the production of this project.”

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Curated and produced by ARTECHOUSE in collaboration with INTUS Interactive Design.