Project Description

Camila Cabello TikTok Concert

Camila Cabello’s concert on TikTok to celebrate the release of her new album, Familia. was a virtual interactive experience for fans across the world.

Silent Partners and XR Studios created XR content for TikTok’s first-ever live concert, featuring singer Camila Cabello. Working together with Camila Cabello’s Creative Director, Charlotte Rutherford, the team envisaged bringing each song to life in an immersive way through layering the virtual environment with the practical set design, choreography, and wardrobe styling. Inspiration was drawn from Camila’s Latin heritage, the films of Pedro Almodovar and Alice in Wonderland, and musicals’ of the 40s & 50s.

For psychofreak, the choreographer assisted in creating hypnotising visuals that were synchronised to their movements. A 3D world was built of black and white stripes continuously animating and changing shape to the beat. Notch allowed for the world to be animated layer by layer in real-time. Beat pulse modifiers allowed easy automation and timing of the lighting to the music while keyframing directly on the Notch timeline and were used for some of the more notable moments.

For Everyone at this Party, the team modelled a cavernous space filled with sculptures and surreal visuals projected to encapsulate Camila’s emotional performance. Notch was used to create a high-quality marble interior with virtual projected content, effortlessly achieving this look.

 “This live stream was a journey of the last few years of XR musical performances. The technology and creative output of the workflow have expanded and grown over time, and this concert represented a big jump in production quality and boundary-pushing looks, made possible by Notch.”

J.T. Rooney, President, XR Studios

Additional press coverage:
TikTok, CelebMix, Billboard, NBC News.

Client: TikTok
Creative Director: Charlotte Rutherford 
Producer: Benji Berkeley & Gian Mitchell
Executive Producer: Isabel Quinteros
XR Screen Content: Silent Partners Studio
Silent Partners Creative Directors: Gabriel Coutu-Dumont & Janicke Morissette
Silent Partners Content Project Manager: Leah Younesi 
Silent Partners 3D Designers: Aaron Kaufman, Felix Gourd, Justine Poulin, Patrick Goski
Silent Partners Content Editor: Claudine Boulanger
Silent Partners XR Real-Time Designers: Bear Winter-Perreau, Brett Bolton, Heath Saunders, Spencer Sterling
Additional XR Screen Content: Blue Node & Lightborne
XR Studios Technical Producer: Scott Millar

XR Production: XR Studios
XR Virtual Director: JT Rooney
XR Screen Producer: Kerstin Hovland
XR Studios Line Producer:  Barret Hacia
Camera Director: Sam Wrench
Lighting Director: Stu Dingley
Production Designer: Liam Moore
Choreographers: Calvit Hodge & Sara Bivens
Music Director: Checa Alara
Edited by: Ben Wainwright-Pearce
XR Virtual Production Supervisor: Charles Dabezies
Camera Tracking: StYpe
Real-time Rendering: Unreal Engine, Notch
XR Media Server: disguise