Project Description

Cassie Raptor at Festival Koalition

Amine Rachad used Notch to maintain full control over all visual assets for this year’s mindbending Festival Koalition from Karnage Records.

Recently, French record label and underground party organiser Karnage Records approached Amine Rachad about creating an assortment of dark and striking visuals to accompany their latest Festival Koalition, headlined by industrial techno DJ and producer Cassie Raptor. Rachad created several 3D scenes and stage looks for the show directly influenced by the label’s uniquely honed visual brand, from imagery to typography.

Rachad used the opportunity to play with optical illusions and anamorphoses, which were perfectly in keeping with the client’s brand identity. He made sure to account for the position of the audience and screen to simulate a 3D space and make sure the central elements, such as skulls and dinosaur heads, would pop out of the screen.

Rachad created fifteen real-time scenes for the show. He started by composing scenes one element at a time: 2D frames, 3D frames, 3D meshes, cloners, particles, procedurals, and fields. He then concentrated on the light and materials present and finalised his scenes by adding modifiers for variety and MIDI controls to control them in real-time during the performance, including spicing everything up with post-processing effects at the very end of the chain.

He used the MIDI Fighter Twister controller and an iPad to control everything. The first eight knobs controlled compositions, and the other eight controlled the post-processing effects. He used the iPad with TouchOSC, frequently using an XY axis to control the main 3D elements and Particle Emitter. Finally, Rachad used Resolume as the last step before the projection.

“Playing live with Notch makes a big difference. With my background as a musician, I can follow along and play sequences as if the show was prepared and rehearsed to the music on the stage.”

Amine Rachad, Creative Director & Notch Designer, Âme In Love

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Client: Karnage Records
Creative Director: Amine Rachad

Notch Designer: Amine Rachad
Photography: Le Yakographe