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Project Description

Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward

Project Description

United Visual Artists collaborated with Benjamin Millepied on Clear, Loud, Bright, Forward – an original work that formed part of his inaugural season as the Paris Opéra Ballet’s artistic director.

UVA’s intention was to “create dynamic architecture that choreographs light and space and treats the space like a body – an entity that can move”.

Out of this intention, came three motorised pendulums suspended in the space and a full coverage projection covering all surfaces. Through crafted integration at the hands of David Bajt, the UVA designed and built pendulums, became virtual lights illuminating the space through real time rendering.”



Client: Opéra national de Paris and United Visual Artists
Choreography: Benjamin Millipied
Composer: Nico Muhly
Set design and video design/sequencing by: United Visual Artists
Pendelum design & engineering: United Visual Artists
Lighting design by: Lucy Carter
Video & Notch: BAJT, United Visual Artists, Dave Ferner
Mediaserver: d3
Photo credits: Photo 1-3 by: James Medcraft and UVA, remaining photos and screenshots by: BAJT

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Made with Notch