Project Description

DPR’s Regime Tour Finale in Seoul

SUPERVISION and DPR used Notch to experiment with limitless possibilities for the much-anticipated conclusion to the group’s recent global tour.

In 2022, Creative Director Jongil Kim (C8 Live) approached SUPERVISION about creating visuals for the final night of South Korean collective Dream Perfect Regime (DPR)’s latest world tour. DPR Live, DPR Cream, and the rest of their group contributed heavily, with DPR Ian in particular giving input and direction regarding the look and feel of their closing performance.

With forty songs to work through, the SUPERVISION team knew they’d want to use Notch as a visual throughline in conjunction with the super-sized LEDs, video, lighting, lasers, special effects, and other material present in the show. Their vision was to take the Korean performance market to a whole new level.

The Notch team, led by Rocky Kwon, used the Virtual Background feature to keep their images clean. They further used Notch for live effects like fields and particles. After receiving the camera source when onsite, they revised details and, finally, delivered their work with Resolume Arena.

Because SUPERVISION’s visuals could be so quickly iterated and confirmed by the creative team, they could dedicate more time to perfecting and synthesising the rest of the show’s various elements. The culminating product led to uniquely positive praise from the audience and media.

“Notch helped make this a great experiment and adventure not often found in K-pop performances. It was an essential part of visualising the artists’ inner feelings on stage and screen.”

Jongil Kim, Creative Director, C8 Live

Additional press coverage:
SeDaily, Rolling Stone.

Clients: Dream Perfect Regime (DPR Live, DPR Ian, & DPR Cream)
Creative Directors: DPR Ian, DPR Live, & Jongil Kim (C8 Live)
Director: Jongil Kim
Production Manager: Dongsuk Kim (DS Production)
Production Designer: Han Pitz Jin, Min Kyoung Kwon, & Boram Jung
Notch Designers: Rocky Kwon & Jooyong Park (SUPERVISION)

Costume & Props Designer: Joonyong An
Visual Content Designer:
Jun Kang
Visual Content Operator: Sujin Jang (Scooby)
Video Content Designers: DPR Ian, John Son, & Hoin Cho
Lighting Design & Direction: Jeonggi Lee (Lite Factory)
FOH Audio Engineer: Kyonam Hwang (ArtMix)
PA Sound Direction & Sound FX: DPR Cream
Laser Designer: Tae Gyoo Han
Live Camera Director: Jung Woo Lee
Photographer: MSPhotograph