Project Description

Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2022

Hans Zimmer Live features famed composer and musician Hans Zimmer accompanied by his band, an orchestra from around the world and award-winning singers like Lisa Gerrard performing his most famous film scores.

With a repertoire consisting of music from Dune, Dark Knight, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King and many more, Zimmer takes the audience on a three-hour adventure through some of the greatest music of our time. Emery Martin, Notch artist from Electronic Countermeasures, joined the production midway. This saw the production’s direction include his own creative flare alongside previous works of Nigrini Studios and the Pixway team. Together, looks were crafted cognizant of the music, the aesthetics of the films they were part of, and the arrangements that were going to be performed whilst on tour. 

Peter Nigrini, Creative Director of Nigrini Studios, approached the design with the premise that no actual film content was to be shown but to feel like it comes from the films themselves, tying each performance together. Martin crafted a unified skeleton to be used for the timeline and lighting consoles, which were then thoroughly tested and integrated by the Pixway team onsite.  

Once rehearsals commenced, feedback from the collaborating teams and performers themselves were fed back to Martin, who edited blocks in line with the mutual aesthetic goal. Rendering of the notch block was capable remotely through the use of rx nodes, connected to the VX4 disguise machines through 25Gbit network connection. The four HD live inputs were shared as a texture from the VX4 server to the rendernode. Then back on site,  Pixway ensured the correct handles and parameters were exposed so they had all the tools to fine tune the look while programming the show.

“Notch helped build looks for songs quickly, which was essential for those scenes that couldn’t rely on additional conventional video content.”

Emery Martin from Electronic Countermeasures

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Hans Zimmer Live.

Mediaserver Integration: Pixway GmbH
Client: Semmel Concerts Gmbh
Production Company: Satis&Fy
Creative Direction: Peter Nigrini
Notch Designer: Emery Caleb Martin

Video Director: Gregory Mills
Lighting Designer: John Featherstone
Screen Producer: Nevil Jeremias