Project Description

Inside the Boys

Aggressive TV, Brandon Epperson and Tigrelab create an immersive virtual set and opening credits in Notch for the Amazon Prime series Inside the Boys.

Nine-part Amazon Prime series ‘Inside the Boys’ uses virtual production to create an immersive environment in which the host could speak with her guest’s eye to eye in real-time. The COVID safe methods in place required a lean team of specialists to deliver a dynamic set using real-time animation.

Aggressive TV directed the creation of the scenic elements and the opening credit sequence in collaboration with Tigrelab. They used over seventy different models which were bespokely textured and composited in Notch to fit the world of ‘The Boys’. On set, technical director Brandon Epperson combined Notch and in-camera tracking, to allow free movement of the camera truck. Taking on the roles of DP and the Lighting Designer in this lean production, Brandon was able to generate accurate lens distortions within the virtual environment. The team also integrated augmented layers and animated triggers into each episode, features such as lasers and smoke were triggered live and on the fly using a combination of Notch and TouchDesigner. Realistic and reactive lighting was achieved by linking physical lighting fixtures to exposed lights within the Notch scene.

“To create ‘Inside the Boys’, we needed to create a polished virtual world that paid homage to the aesthetic of the original ‘The Boys’ series. We wanted a solution that enabled on-set spontaneity, and minimal post-production to help us deliver the series in a four-week time-frame.

Notch’s sandbox qualities and strengths in real-time animating suited Inside the Boys. Honestly, it was quite brilliant. Combining Notch and TouchDesigner, we were able to change the virtual environment and surprise viewers by triggering effects like lasers and flames on cue. The immersive and dynamic lighting is just stunning – plunging The Boys hideout into darkness and then flooding it with the flash of ‘Starlights’ energy blasts. We were able to add an extra dimension to this by linking our on-set lighting fixtures and SkyPanels to our Notch scenes. This feature enabled us to light the talent dynamically together with the scene.”

Alex Topaller and Daniel Shapiro, directors, Aggressive TV

Client: Amazon / Embassy Row
AR / Technical Director: Brandon Epperson
Set Design & Show Package: Aggressive
Exec. Creative Directors: Alex Topaller, Daniel Shapiro
Producers: Dustin Pownall, Alex Topaller
Set Design Art Direction: Tigrelab, Mathieu Felix, Javier Pinto, Federico Gonzalez
Set Design Notch Lead: Antonio Nieto
Set Design 3D Artists: Antonio Nieto, J.A. Duran
Show Package Creative Directors: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov

Show Package Art Director: Alex Mikhalyov
Show Package CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Show Package 3D Artists: Dmitriy Paukov, Roman Senko, E.D.Satan, Filipp Gorbachev
Show Package Lighting: Filipp Gorbachev, Max Chelyadnikov
Show Package FX TD: Daniil Rybkin
Show Package 2D Artists: Nikita Shapovalov, Mikhail Ivanov
Show Package Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov
Post Producers: Won Cha, Vanesa Palmeri