Project Description

UAE 49th National Day

Luke Halls Studio designed intricate particle systems projection-mapped to perfection on Es Devlin’s monument for the UAE’s 49th National Day celebration.

To celebrate the annual UAE National day, Es Devlin and Luke Halls Studio created a monument to the UAE’s past accomplishments and fertile future. The physical structure took form as a revolving cube carved with apertures within which people could stand. Each aperture was uniquely formed into a plant’s lifecycle, from seed to harvest, creating a beautifully detailed yet complex surface.

Luke Halls Studio designed the video and projection mapping for the event. Their challenge was to compose and map a video that complimented all four sides of the intricate rotating stage. The team began sculpting and modelling original 3D assets, which they compiled and rendered in Notch. Sand was a central theme in the video design. Sand storms were made with Notch particle system’s and used as a transitional technique between scenes throughout the show. One look featured models of the UAE founding fathers textured in Notch to appear made of sand and stone. At the event, video projected organically on every surface of the cube painting the elegant structure with inspiring imagery.

“We tested a lot of different creative ideas throughout the development of this show. More than anything, Notch delivered the render speed we needed to maintain our creative flexibility and deliver high-quality imagery. Notch’s powerful particle generation tools enabled us to create beautiful sand-like video transition effects. Not only were they fast and simple to create, but they could be easily adapted during rehearsals to ensure each transition was perfect.”

Charli Davis, video designer, Luke Halls Studio

Client: UAE
Production Company: Larmac Live
Production Design: Es Devlin
Creative Direction: Es Devlin
Stage Direction and Choreography: Francisco Negrin, Gavin Robins
Lighting Designer: Bruno Poet

Video Designer: Charli Davis & Luke Halls
Video Producers: Libby Dakin, Jenny Rush
Notch Designers: Jan Urbanowski, Ross Marshall, Uzo Uzoigwe
2D Animators: Svenja Frahm, Cas Woodhouse, Tim Marriott
3D Generalists: Christian Behling, Ed Brown, Jon Botros, Mark Todd, Chris Tilley, Tom Barry