Project Description

Korn’s “Requiem” Album Launch Visuals

A series of audio-reactive song visualisers accompanying the launch campaign for Requiem, the latest album from metal legends Korn.

In just a week, EFFIXX Studio created the music video visuals for Korn’s new album ‘Requiem’. After a pre-existing relationship with the band’s label and work on the single ‘Forgotten’, Korn asked for Creative Director Ciannamea’s input on the rest of the album. A series of sculptures curated for the single became the base for the rest of the album’s audio-reactive visualisers. 

Ciannamea worked off his existing patches and FX stacks within Notch with the looming deadline as his only creative restraint. An overall unified look for the visualisers was created using fields driven by procedurals.

Ensuring the music and picture worked closely together was the main goal for both EFFIXX and Korn. Ciannamea crafted vignettes that felt figurative or almost sculptural, coming to life and evolving subtly throughout a song; Visuals you can meditate on and get lost in. The band appreciated the final aesthetic world created, which he says he could not have done in another software within this sort of time frame. 

I find Notch to be one of the most immediate tools for sketching visuals in real-time. It’s obvious that the node library was developed with the input of working designers.  The sound modifier effectively shapes and isolates which audio elements should drive various elements in the visuals. Notch allowed me to speed up creating the visuals for this project 10-fold compared to other platforms.

Anthony Ciannamea, Creative Director at EFFIXX Studio

Additional Press Coverage:

Client: Korn / Loma Vista Recording Company
Production Company: EFFIXX Studio 
Notch Designer: Anthony Ciannamea
Video Director/Animator:  Anthony Ciannamea
Video Producers: Dina Chang

EFFIXX social media handles:
Instagram: @effixx
Twitter: @efixx