Project Description

KRX Signature at Korea Exchange

CLAUDE helped visualise the ever-shifting nature of the stock market in a sleek and stupefying installation at the Korea Exchange.

KRX Signature is an abstract representation of the data flow of the stock market, suggesting Korea’s economic indicators and capturing the interaction between the financial world and society through the convergence of art and technology. The work, composed of cube-shaped anamorphic illusion techniques, is located at the main entrance of the Korea Exchange.

KRX and CJ CGV called on Digital Artist CLAUDE to help bring the piece to life. The team began the creative process by thinking about how changes in the market could be presented through the colour, shape, and movement of particles. With this approach, the piece would intuitively and emotionally convey fluctuation and volatility rather than simply communicating information about the market.

The team collected real-time web data from KOSPI, the Korean stock database, through TouchDesigner and processed the data into signals that could be used for visuals. They completed all visual production in Notch, programming their particles to rise, fall, shrink, grow, and change colour and shape according to each day’s results compared to the previous day’s.

To achieve such detail in a short period, CLAUDE used Notch’s Particle Affectors in the form of simulations. The final result served as the face of the Exchange, where hundreds of people work, and millions of dollars are processed daily.

“Various software can yield amazing results in real-time visual production, but Notch is one of the best when it comes to media-server compatibility and achieving high-quality visuals in very little time.”

CLAUDE, Digital Artist

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Client: KRX Korea Exchange & CJ CGV
Production Design: CLAUDE STUDIO & CJ CGV

Digital Artist: CLAUDE