Project Description

Mötley Crüe’s Stadium Tour 2022

All of it Now used the latest Notch features to assemble a strong Mötley Crüe show seen by over a million worldwide.

After several years of working together on various projects, Production Directors Robert Long and Ashley Zapar approached All of it Now to craft a high-concept stadium tour for Mötley Crüe. Having been delayed nearly two years due to the pandemic, the band could finally share the stage with Def Leppard, Poison, Joan Jett, and Classless Act. The creative team set the show in a near-future dystopian cyberpunk city complete with towers capable of elevating dancers fifteen feet above the stage.

All of it Now used Notch’s Background Removal to achieve an advanced level of control over their effects. The team also used the UVW Pass feature for the Saints of LA portion of the show, which contained city flythroughs featuring futuristic billboards laden with video effects. The sequences looked wholly cinematic within the So-Fi Infinity Screen thanks to disguise’s new gx3 server.

For the original tour dates in 2020, the All of it Now team had discussed using depth cameras for removing the backgrounds but, at the time, decided that mounting and streaming the cameras would have been too difficult. In resuming their Notch work two years later, however, the team had access to an array of new features that made the show much easier to complete. The show sold over a million tickets, with nearly 40,000 attendees each night.

“The new Notch features helped us deliver the final show even more smoothly than previously possible. Our team only needed a few rehearsals to deliver a cohesive show.”

Danny Firpo, Executive Producer, All of it Now

Additional press coverage:
The Rockpit, Trib Live, All Music Magazine.

Creative Directors: Robert Long, Ashley Zapar, Fred Caron, & Curtis Adams
Production Director: Robert Long
Tour Manager: Thomas Reitz
Production Coordinator: Ashley Zapar
Disguise Programmers: Lucy Ockenden, Allison Faith Sulock, Vishal Sharma, Brady Villadsen, & Danny Firpo
Disguise Operators: Lucy Ockenden & Allison Faith Sulock

Notch Artists: Brenton March, Vishal Sharma, & Brady Villadsen
AOIN EP & Screens Producer: Danny Firpo

Screen Content: Normal Studio 
Screen Content: Andy Reuter
Video Director: Christian Lind
Video Crew Chief: Cameron Dixon
Lighting Designer: Michael Cooper
Lighting Director: Michael Willingham
Photographer: Sam Shapiro