Project Description

Walmart’s 2021 Investor Community Meeting

Xite Labs designs on-brand virtual sets in Notch for Walmart’s first-quarter meetings.

Walmart innovated their first quarter meetings with two distinct virtual designs by Xite Labs. Xite Labs presented their XR concept to LEO events and Walmart using one of the Notch Virtual Production sample scenes as a proof of concept. Walmart commissioned virtual worlds for their ‘Investor Community Meeting’ and their ‘Year Beginning Meeting’.

The team wanted to create a clean, easy to digest aesthetic that included AR graphics. For the first look, they modified the original sample to fit Walmart’s brand identity, making changes to the colour palette, lighting fixtures and adding Walmarts trademark ‘SPARK’. The second design created in Notch integrated a cubic side-stage design, a circular overhead master lighting fixture, and AR space for key messaging moments.

Xite Labs delivered the custom set designs, content production, and onsite editorial, providing both technical and creative services in collaboration with LEO’s master show direction. Walmart’s new three-dimensional presentation format sparked excitement from both clients and attendees.

“In our current workflow, using Notch as the scenic platform allows us to host our environment directly in disguise and get optimal colour and resolution from our output.”

Greg Russell, partner, Xite Labs

Production Company: LEO events
Production Design: Xite Labs
Creative Direction: Xite Labs
Notch Designer: Travis Poe
Video Director: Xite Labs, Walmart Staff Directors
Video Producers: David Kenyon & Emile Wolsky
Lighting Designer: Mike Robertson
Screen Producer: Emile Wolsky
Animator: Kevin Aguirre