Project Description

Notch is a very flexible and powerful tool.

Rammstein’s first stadium tour is a dramatic affair featuring elaborate costuming, giant evolving set-pieces and spectacular IMAG. Lighting Designer Roland Greil explains how Woodroffe Bassett created their distinctive design.


Roland Greil, Lighting Designer, Woodroffe Bassett Design

“I work with an outstanding group of individuals at Woodroffe Bassett Design, led by Patrick Woodroffe and Adam Bassett. Our work encompasses the worlds of music, dance, fashion, art and architecture. I design and program shows, and from time to time, take them out on the road. My design interests are widespread, I’m interested in modern, as well as classical design, and the beauty of nature in itself inspires my creative work. ”

Roland Greil and Patrick Woodroffe 



Roland: “The whole design follows a strict dramaturgy and storyline; therefore our approach to the stage design was quite theatrical. As the show progresses and reaches its arch, we envisioned our designs growing in size and energy, amplifying the drama of the storyline. It was key that the video elements fit perfectly with the evolving architecture of the show, and blend into the overall design.”


Patrick and I developed our design with the set, LX and video, in mind. There had to be fluidity between all these elements as well as a strong sense of the Rammstein brand. Our designs ranged from gritty industrial steam-punk to fantastical post-modern futurism. We used Notch to create VFX looks that not only blended seamlessly but extended the verisimilitude of the set design. The whole design process was a collaborative effort together with the band, their management and creative team. It has been an absolute pleasure to create this show together with the band members from day one.”

“With Notch, we could treat and work with live-feeds the way we wanted to. Notch is a very flexible and powerful tool, and in the hands of Tim Hornung, we were able to realize our design ideas efficiently.”


Tim Hornung , Notch Designer

“Our main goal was to perfectly match the colour world of each song with the live camera feeds. Notch’s Colour Correction and Colour Grading nodes were essential in creating a consistent look between the lighting design and the video.”

“We also used distortion and noise nodes to achieve a rough-looking effect to fit with the overall stage design of the concert. Using the disguise gx2, I could mask around the IMAG to affect every image in real-time. To balance the energetic pacing of the concert we incorporated strobes and frame delays. The Motion Datamosh node helped us create some gritty stuttering strobe effects.”


Roland: “I think the overall design exceeded all expectations, together we have created something special, strong and unique, which is also classy and tasteful. It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this show with a great team. The collaboration with and the input from the band has been a hugely positive experience and the perfect breeding ground to create this show.”


Show design: Woodroffe Bassett Design
Lighting & Video Design: Roland Greil & Patrick Woodroffe
Production Design: Florian Wieder
Set Design: Cuno Hahn
LX Programmer: Marc Brunkhardt
Video & Notch Programmer: Tim Hornung
Lighting Director: Faren Matern & Marc Brunkhardt
Camera Director: Sven Offen
Live Visuals: Haegar De & David Gesellbauer
LX Crew Chief: Nick Barton
Production Director: Nicolai Sabottka
Lighting Vendor: Neg Earth Lights
Technical Consultant: Jeremy Lloyd (Wonderworks)
Video: Solotech