Project Description

Synthony No.3 Tour, New Zealand 2022

SYNTHONY celebrates the last 30 years of electronic dance music, backed by the full might of a large-scale full orchestra in their New Zealand tour of 2022.

With a simple brief to create a high impact visual show, Notch artist Jason Steel got to work to enhance the ‘break the mould’ mentality that orchestra Synthony embodies. One of the most famous orchestras across New Zealand and Australia, Synthony is known for marrying classical music with modern dance music, utilising traditional instruments, and bringing a fresh take to the electronic dance scene. Steel wanted to enhance this, bringing a large scale nightclub feel in his designs to take the audience on a journey throughout the show.

All the content was either entirely made in Notch or rendered in Notch, making it an indispensable tool for this show. The show was then programmed through Disguise, utilising 12 NDI POV Cameras on stage, 1 PTZ camera and a box lens.

In addition to being the creative tool, Notch was chosen because of its ability to export real-time content as Notch Blocks, which was used throughout the show for live camera treatment, and brought together the content for the entire show seamlessly.

“The creative freedom of real-time rendering with Notch helped us out tremendously. There is nothing like it. Especially in live entertainment, this ability was essential. Overall the show came together really well, and everyone was really happy with the final product: the audience, the band and the crew as well”.

Jason Steel, Notch Artist, Negative Space

Additional press coverage:
Stratford Press

Client: Synthony
Production Company: NW Group NZ
Production Manager: Tom Anderson

Creative Direction: Jason Steel
Notch Designer: Jason Steel
Video Director: Negative Space