Project Description

The Beatles Sessions

“A cut above, a technically dazzling audio-visual spectacle built around forensically detailed facsimiles of the most beloved back catalogue in pop.”

The legendary Abbey Road Studios…made famous by the Beatles…is perhaps the most celebrated recording studios in music history. This production invited its audience to be a fly on the wall during the John, Paul, George and Ringo sessions, to recreate those phenomenal arrangements and vocals as they happened all those years ago. Luke Halls Studio designed and executed a rich visual narrative, projected onto moving projection scrims that enclosed the stage. Notch supported this by treating and placing live camera content into the pre-rendered visual elements.


Show: The Beatles Sessions
Executive Producer: Stig Edgren
Director: Kim Gavin
Video Design: Luke Halls Studio
Stage Design: Stu Fish
Lighting Design: Luc Lafortune
AV Production: XL Video
d3 Operator: Dan Bond
Media Server: d3 4x4pro

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