Project Description

UAE Pro League Awards 2022

INFRAMES went large-scale with big dreams, fusing media and live performance for the UAE Pro League Awards 2022.

Earlier this year, INFRAMES were approached by the UAE Pro League, who asked for an opening to their annual awards ceremony commemorating football players and management. The studio chose to channel childhood dreams by sculpting the story of a young boy whose greatest ambition is to be a star of the game.

Show Director and No1 Events Founder Hassan Abdulhamid began by translating their vision into a script that brought together theatre, acting, and cinema. Already familiar with Notch’s capabilities, INFRAMES Director Haitham Taha suggested a multifaceted interactive project on a mesh screen supported by large-scale LEDs synchronised with live performances. Taha was careful to keep the visuals as abstract as possible to avoid being too overt in their messaging. For each act, the INFRAMES team sketched concept art culminating in a complete storyboard with key moments synched to a soundtrack.

With client approval, they began crafting in Notch immediately, drafting out particles and 3D animation over ten days. They then shot chroma footage and added it to their scenes in Notch, creating a final simulation and lighting study for their live performer to ensure seamless integration. They only needed two days of on-site rehearsal to piece together the puzzle.

The audience and client were happy to see the final effect of the holographic illusion combined with the live performers. Thanks to INFRAMES’ attention to detail with such a complex setup, they successfully delivered the most comprehensive media production in UAE sports history.

“Using Notch, we needed only a few hours, one machine, and a very small team to export the final cut of the whole five-minute show with its massive screen resolutions.”

Haitham Taha, Creative Director, INFRAMES

Additional press coverage:
Vetogate, TPMEA.

Client: UAE Pro League
Event Agency: No1 Events
Show Director: Hassan Abdulhamid
Production: INFRAMES FZE
Creative Director: Haitham Taha

Concept Artist: Bassam Alemam
Technical Manager: Mirco Resta
D3 Specialist: Esteban Garcia
Media Server: disguise gx 2c
Music: Audio Network