Project Description

Sigur Ros: World Tour 2016

“Breaking down the barriers between the stage and video with Notch.”

Treatment worked to break new ground with the 2016 Sigur Ros tour. A combination of techniques including photogrammetry of 3D scenes and real-time integration of live data taken during the show resulted in a stunning visual arrangement was produced.

One reviewer summed it up: ‘It’s this dynamism that makes things work so well tonight, coupled with a jaw-dropping stage show that takes in LED lights, coordinated screens, CGI and all manner of sleight-of-hand physical trickery. Screens are moved upwards and downwards to create the illusion of shifting skies, landscapes and depths. At one point we see Hólm’s hand playing bass on screen in real-time, only rendered out of laser-like motion capture.’ – James F. Thompson –


Creative Director: Sarah Hopper
Video Creative Director: Damian Hale
Lighting Designer: Bruno Poet
Content: The Third Company
Producer: Sam Pattinson
Photogrammetry / 3D Scanning: Alex Eckford
Technical Director: Dave Shepherd
Animation: Susana Yamamoto
Production Manager: Helen Campbell
AV Production: PRG XL Video
Projectionist: Ray Gwilliams
Media Server: disguise

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